Compassionate Focus for Whole - Hearted Living For Leadership, Life, and Wellness
Compassionate Focus for Whole - Hearted LivingFor Leadership, Life, and Wellness

Learn to use the Bigger Game model to spark your creativity and innovation in your life and work! this two-day workshop will motivate, engage and provide clarity for the world you want and WILL create.


You will leave with:


* A practical tool and techniques you can use personally and professionally


* An Action plan for you moving your purposeful "Bigger Game" life forward


* Networking resources to keep you in action


* A follow-up coaching with David or Richard to forward the action for your compelling purpose.




Richard lives and offers his Bigger Game of working with individuals and organizations to coach, guide and motivate them from limiting beliefs to their high dream. Clients embrace their emotional, physical and spiritual well being so that they become a leader personally and professionally for fulfilled & meaningful lives.

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